Frequently asked questions

What size marquee do I require?

The size is determined by the number of guests and what else you want to put in the marquee such as dance floors, reception areas or exhibitions. We will advise you on what we recommend after we have discussed your requirements.

How much does a marquee cost?

The cost of the marquee depends on many things, the size, the time of year, the length of hire and travelling costs. We will provide a quotation that takes all these things into consideration.

Which is the best type of marquee, traditional pole peg or frame?

There is no ‘better’ option, both have their merits. We find that some clients prefer a pole peg marquee for the traditional feel. The inner poles can be used for additional decoration, flowers, lights etc. The freestanding frame benefits from no internal obstructions and can be used on either grass or hardstandings. 

When will the marquee be delivered?

The marquee is normally delivered one or two days before the event depending on the size and internal decoration.

When will the marquee be collected?

The marquee is usually collected within a day or two after the event.

Can we use a marquee for a winter wedding?

Marquees can be used throughout the year. Some of our largest events are during December when we supply marquees for corporate Christmas parties. Thermostatically controlled heating ensures they are as warm as a function suite.

When should I book my marquee?

It varies but the sooner you book, the better. We are always heavily committed during May – August with annual events, so we get fully booked very quickly during this period.

Does a marquee have to go on grass?

No, marquees can be used on most surfaces because they can be anchored to the ground or held in place with ballast weights.

Will the marquee damage the grass?

The grass should not suffer because of the marquee. It may be a little lighter in colour when the marquee is removed but should soon recover with no lasting damage.

Do you supply tables and chairs?

We have a wide range of furniture for hire.

Who sets the furniture out?

This is normally done by the client or caterer. We can provide a lay-out suggestion for the marquee but clients and caterers usually work together to decide their preferred option.

What type of heating will be used in the marquee?

We recommend propane gas ducted blowers as the most cost effective and safe.

What type of floor will be supplied with the marquee?

We provide a wide range of flooring or carpet options from cord carpet laid on PVC to suspended level flooring.

Can a marquee be erected on an un-even site?

A completely flat surface is very unusual. Until the whole area of the marquee is determined, it looks worse than it is. When the marquee is erected and the tables and chairs are in place, a slight slope is not noticeable. In cases of a definite slope within the marquee site, we can use cassette flooring or scaffolding to level the area. We have staff members who have completed a scaffolding course for these occasions.

What colour is the carpet?

Our standard stock colour is charcoal as experience has shown us that marks and spills that occur during the event are less noticeable than on some other colours. We can purchase coloured carpets for clients if they wish to incorporate them into a colour scheme.

Who arranges the power supply?

We require access to a standard 13 amp supply for our equipment. However, your caterer and entertainment may want extra power. We will advise on electrics or generators.

Who supplies the generator?

We will advise on the size and type required and can arrange this for you?

I have no space for a marquee but I have a large building. Can it have a lining fitted?

When space is at a premium, lining an existing building is an ideal alternative. When fitted out, it can look exactly the same as the inside of a marquee.

Can a marquee be joined to my house?

Frame marquees are freestanding – without guy ropes which makes then ideal for using as a extension to a house or building. They come in a range of sizes and can be linked together if necessary to fit awkward shaped areas.

Do you have a site where we can have a marquee?

We do not have a site but will tell you about locations in your area where we have worked in the past.

Will someone come and look at my site? 

We offer a free no-obligation site visit by our representative, who can also provide detailed drawings of the layout suggestions.

What happens if my guest numbers change after I have confirmed my booking?

We appreciate that numbers fluctuate right up the week of the event and accept that minor changes are inevitable.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

This is clearly explained in our terms and conditions which will be included with your quotation.

What happens if there are water pipes and cables under the marquee site?

We ask the client to inform us of any underground services. If this is not possible, ballast weights can be used to anchor the marquee.

Are marquees safe and secure in windy weather?

Frame marquees are designed to be more stable that traditional pole peg marquees so these are the preferred option for winter use. However this does not rule out the use of the traditional marquee. We monitor the weather daily for each area and take the required precautions for anchoring the marquees to the ground,

Can I contact someone when the event is on if I have a problem?

Our phones are constantly checked and any urgent messages will be responded too a.s.a.p.

How far do you travel with your marquees?

We offer a nationwide service.

Why should I use James Fletcher Marquees?

We have been established for over 30 years and most of our members of staff have been with the company since the mid 80’s. We are members of MUTA the trade organisation for marquee organisations and all our team leaders hold NVQ Level 3 in Temporary Structures for Events.

Our client base is wide and varied and our repeat orders account for over 80% of our annual workload. 

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